Born and brought up in a family with musical background; Milindji started learning music from a very tender age. His grandfather Late Pandit Shankar V Kanhere (Satara) who was a famous Jaltarang player influenced Milind in taking up this unusual dying instrument the JALTARANG. Also received guidance from Pt. Nayan Ghosh , SITAR maestro Ustad Shahid Parwez & Taalyogi Pandit Suresh Talwalkar.He is one of the topmost Jaltarang players of India. Baba Harwallabh Sangeet Sammelan at Jalandhar, Abhisheki Mahotsav at Goa are some of the concerts where his art was acclaimed and appreciated a lot and this rare instrument has kept him busy in concerts in India as well as abroad. Malaysia, Singapore, Austria, Australia, Switzerland, Germany, USA and Canada, Dubai, Aabudhabi are the countries where he has presented his art. He is been doing some interesting projects with Ustad Toufiq Qureshi. A BBC production film 'West is west' has background scores played on Jalatarang by him. Milind Tulankar is indeed a name, synonym for the untiring efforts, devotion, and endless passion in pursuit of promoting Jaltarang

Performance And Assets

  • Several performances at Radio and Television and has been interviewed for his dedication towards an unusual instrument, JALTARANG, has also performed for All India Radio chain concerts and National program.
  • Has been to Malaysia as a Music Teacher and has performed all over Malaysia.
  • Performed with Ustad Usman Khan's Troupe at International Osho Commune,Pune.
  • Jaltarang concert at Royal Abzar Hall, Dubai and at Colombo, Srilanka.Jaltarang concert for SPIC-MACAY.
  • worked as a Music composer for Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.
  • Two VCDs of Jaltarang were released at the Sawai Gandharwa Music Festival 2004 by Pandit Shivkumar Sharma.
  • Music direction for a PALI film "PUNARUTTHAN".
  • Interviewed by Varsha Usgoakar for the Sahyadri channel.
  • Interviewed by Raju Parorikar for the ETv Marathi channel.
  • Sangeet Sankalpa Mahotsav: Porbandar, Allahabad, Udaipur, Nawsari, Ahmadabad, Pune, Nagpur etc.
  • Durlabh Vadya Vinod. Bhopal
  • Performances in Hubli, Ratnagiri, Delhi, Chennai, Jammu
  • Pt. Ram Marathe Smruti Samaroha, Thane.
  • Sitar Ratna Ut. Rahimatkhan Samaroha. Dharwad
  • Germany,austria and Switzerland tour in2003
  • Solo perfomances in New Zealand Tour in Nov 2006 along with other artists Veena Saharasrabudhhe & Vyasmurti Katti
  • Solo performances in Malaysia, Dubai, Shrilanka,Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA, & Canada


  • Jaltarang-Sehtar (A Persian instrument )by MILIND & MOHAMMED TORABI of France at Nehru Center, Mumbai.
  • Santoor-Sitar by MILIND & SAMUEL DAS of Malaysia, at Radio-Television Malaysia, Kualalumpur.
  • Also performed several Julganbandhi's with Bansuri, Shahnai and an interesting Julgalbandi with Indian Classical Dance-"Katthak"!


  • Has been awarded the SURMANI of Sursingar Sansad, Mumbai.
  • First prize for music direction in National Youth Festival.
  • First prize as a Best Organ Player for Sangeet Sharada at Delhi.
  • Rajiv Gandhi Award for the year 1999.
  • Kalagaurav Puraskar Pune 2011
  • Ashvini Japtiwale Smrutee Puraskar, Pune 2011

श्री. मिलिंद तुळाणकर त्यांचे जलतरंग या वाद्याचं वैशिष्ट्य! 

जलतरंग आणि मिलिंदजी यांच्याबद्दलची अधिक माहितीसाठी येथे क्लिक करा

Grand father and Guru Pt. Shankarrao Kanhere

Milind's Grand father and Guru late Pt. Shankarrao Kanhere was an accomplished jalatarang player from satara,a small town in Maharashtra, India. A graded artist of all India Radio. He played in numerous concerts all over India and popularised the instrument. He was trained in music by late Pt. Dattopant Mangalwedhekar from Pandharpur. Aesthetic development of a raga structure and command of rhythm were the highlights of his style. He has written a book on this instrument , published by Sanget-karyalay, Hatharas.

Upcoming Programmes

   4 - 3 - 17 Jaltarang Pakhwaaj Tabla @ Solapur 
   6 - 3 - 17 Jaltarang Pakhwaaj Tabla @ Hadapasar
 14 - 3 - 17 Jaltarang Pakhwaaj Tabla @ Pune
 18 - 3 - 17 Jaltarang Pakhwaaj Tabla @ Dinanath Hospital Pune 
 25 - 3 - 17 Jaltarang Kathak @ Bhosri Pune